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Project: 3E Development – together towards Empowering of employees’ expertise, Equal opportunities for men and women, and Enhancing competitiveness

The project funded by European Social Funds and Czech government was launched on the 01.05.2013. The project is planned to 24 months and it terminated by the 30.04.2015. The approved grant was 2 273, 885.72 CZK.

The project focused on boosting the expertise and competence of the employees via the general plan to educate in a field of professional knowledge. The main target was to increase the adaptability and certainty of Hunter Douglas Kadaň s.r.o. employees while completing the expertise goal, improve the customer service and so empower the competitiveness and sustainability of the work places.


Selected groups of employees attended following seminars:

  • TPM
  • Thin Processes
  • Kanban
  • Logistics
  • Economics for Laymen
  • Business Correspondence
  • Evaluating Interviews
  • Systems of Motivation and Rewarding
  • Labour Law
  • Production Quality
  • Business English for low-intermediate, high-intermediate, and advanced


Customer service employees attended following seminars:

  • Business Correspondence – International
  • Email Communication in English
  • Time Management
  • Assertive Behaviour
  • Critical Situation Treatment
  • Business English


A total of 123 participated in the project. The seminars were designed to meet the needs of our company and were tailored to the target group and requirements of the employer. The content and methodology of the seminars were designed to support the adoption of basic and advanced skills in fields of time management, external and internal communication, complex skills in leadership, and employee motivation. The seminars also aimed to improve employees’ competence in the field of project management, and increase the competence of supervisors in all the fields of leadership.
The most of the evaluating questionnaires reveal positive results. We believe that the acquired skills will help the individuals and the company to achieve the goals.

Lucie Ball
HR Manager